Best Price Guarantee

Numa guarantees that it will offer the LOWEST AVAILABLE PRICE for our guests on our website according to the following terms and conditions:

If you discover a publicly available and directly bookable room rate (Competitive Price) on the Internet for one of our properties, which is listed aslower than the room rate for the same reservation (having the same reservation conditions), then please contact our guest experience team. If our guest experience team can confirm the availability of the Competitive Price on the internet, we will offer you the same Competitive Price for your booking. Our guest experience team will respond to your message and verify the validity of your claim within 24 hours.

How to claim lower price:

If you find a lower comparison price on another booking website that matches your booking’s property, room type and reservation dates as well as payment and cancellation conditions, within 24 hours of your confirmed booking and at least 48 hours before the standard check-in time, submit the Best Rate Guarantee claim form.

Claiming a lower rate

If you identify a lower comparison price on another booking website you must submit the following information in our claims form:

  • The Comparison Rate must still be available at the time the reservations department validates the claim.
  • The price found on another website must meet the same conditions as the net price reserved at one of our hotels.
  • The same type of room.
  • The same date and duration of stay.
  • The same booking, cancellation and payment conditions.
  • The same number of guests.
  • The same currency.
  • The rate must be accessible to the public and verifiable by our reservations department.
  • The lower rate should be free of taxes that may apply in the city in question or other taxes related to the room rates.

This warranty does not apply to:

  • The Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to any pre-existing reservations that are not booked through the official website website. Numa is also not responsible for any fees associated with canceling a reservation made through a different channel (e.g., a non-Numa booking channel).
  • Reservations that are made within 24 hours of your arrival
  • "Opaque" or auction sites where the hotel chain or the specific hotel is not known until the time the reservation is final. Examples are Priceline and Hotwire.
  • Websites that sell compound  or package trips, transport, travel, entertainment, hotel accommodation and/or other matters. Some examples of these types of sites are Orbitz and Expedia.
  • Rates quoted on websites that can’t confirm the cheapest rate (for example, websites that link to a third party's website). An example of this type of site is
  • Compound prices, aka prices that also include tax, service charges, meals, parking or other services.
  • Rooms booked through unauthorized travel agents or bought through a resale site (for example, eBay), or promotional rates offered through a third party. Examples of this type of site are Amoma and Trivago.
  • Rates quoted on websites that can’t confirm the booking and accept payments (for example, websites that link to a third party's website). Examples of this type of site are Tripadvisor and Opogo.
  • Canceled bookings.
  • Special rates as part of a package
  • Specially negotiated rates, such as from a travel agent, staff, corporate or membership rates, rates that are only available to subscribers to or members of a website, or any other rate that is not available to the general public.
  • Qualified discount prices, including but not limited to Government, AAA or Senior Citizen Discount.
  • Unpublished, negotiated price agreements with companies, travel agents, groups or other price agreements that our properties have with a specific party and that are not publicly available.
  • Offline rates and/or member only rates which have to be accessed by email address or by logging into an account
  • Rate fluctuations due to fluctuations and/or differences of the exchange rate. The exchange rate must be the same as that of our hotels at the time of purchase.

The properties under the portfolio of Numa will under no circumstances be liable for penalties or other expenses that may result from the cancellation of reservations or errors in the price publication of third parties.

This guarantee only applies to the room rate for the duration of the reservation and does not apply to taxes, guest charges, minibar or other costs incurred during your stay. Numa reserves the right to change or withdraw this guarantee at any time without giving reasons.